Thursday, September 26, 2013

MFW 1st Grade/Preschool: Wks 5-6

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Bible: Memorize Pr 16:24, 29:11, Cuba and Haiti
Math: Comparing, Shapes
Science: Desert Diorama(ECC), Rain and Thunder
Language: Lessons 4/5 () long vowels u, 
Arts: Tissue paper flower, God's eye, Mexican Paper Doll(ECC)
Rubber Boots Day
Rain and Hail
Flash, crash, rumble and roll

Fun with sizes

Fun with shapes
circus shapes
color zoo

Extra: Learnt about Mexico


Big sis is quite conscientious about the copywork
Memorized Pr 16:24. (The honey and garbage illustration went quite well)

We read a couple of devotions that tie in with the memory verse from this book

We did some worksheets on Complete Book of Math
did some worksheets on shapes

and read some fun books too
Realized I didn't do the bean sticks for the number of the day. Went back and did them, also to teach her place values.

We learnt about rain

And made a mini book on how to predict the weather by clouds
And we made a rain stick
1. Poke toothpicks into tube (I made a hole with a thumbtack first). Some people use nails. Some just twist a foil in the middle like here (I used the slanting lines as guidelines)

2. Cut off excess toothpicks.

3.Wrap one end with foil (or paper) then tie with rubber band.

4. Add beans (or rice or corn)

5. Decorate!

6. Done!

And it sounds like this! (I will keep this for the Brazil weeks for ECC)

We did the lightning experiment that seems OH SO FUN here, but it didn't work for us. =(

Finished the Animal Tales

Learnt about long vowel u, ay, the "oo" sounds and the "th" sound

And ar, or

Learnt Lessons 4/5 () and did some practice

If you use this materials to learn the phonetic sounds (which I highly recommend), you can use this download exercise for review


We did quite a few projects for ECC.

Little Sis did her usual calendar. But this week, she also enjoyed more crafts that ties in with alphabet or with ECC
Found some nice cutting downloads here, to occupy her time and to practice cutting

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