Thursday, September 5, 2013

MFW ECC Wks 3-4: USA

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Bible:  Overview on Matthew, Missionary Kids, Navajo, Mt 1:23
Christian Heros: D.L Moody, Tubman
Geography: USA, Vocab(forest, isthmus, badland, butte)
Math: Multiplication, Division
Language: Lessons 3 (), Revision of cursive alphabet, Spelling Power
Science: Forests, forest diorama, trees
Art: Motion pic Flip book, sketch a tree, USA paper doll,
Books we read: 
America A-Z
A hundred dresses
Betsy and Tacy go over the big Hill
A tree is growing

Our centerpiece


Learnt about the Missionary Kids and pray for them (esp the ones we know of) and the Navajo.

Made the Matthew Bookmark (with the reading plan) I updated the file to reflect the missing alpha
Memory work: Mt 1:23

Christian Heroes
Learnt about D.L Moody and Harriet Tubman.


Mapping USA: Rocky Mountains, neighboring countries, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, great lakes, oceans.
Review of states and some latitudes

For the preschooler: Animals of the world Make-A-Scene

Had some American food: hot dogs and hamburgers! =) (actually leftover from the BBQ in church) 

Review of the states. Yes, this boy is REALLY good. =) (I can't do this)

The flag book. OOH, they LOVE this too! I'm glad I got them for all the kids

Children Like Me.The children enjoyed the book.

Dot to Dot Country sheet

Drawing the forest layers with the Geog vocabulary
Did the mapping sheet and also flag sheet
Did the crossword puzzle (Trip Around the World)

And the kids got their passports!

Fun thing was, we got the REAL passport (an extension one for this girl) this week.

Going on to Multiplication and Division.
Chinese: I did a worksheet to revise the past lessons. They have to think of the Chinese equivalent of the English word and write the phonetic sounds. Not easy for them.

We learntㄜ 

More review worksheets

Did the Survey tests and placement tests and we begin Spelling Power!
Had to do two placement tests before getting the "results". I just love the spelling of "punctuation". =)

Took a little bit, and I'm still not totally sure if I'm doing it right. But we finally got an idea of which level he's at...Level G...And today we used 5 mins, to test the words. Using these steps:
After reading the rule (and writing it)
1. I read the word.
2. He repeated the word.
3. He spelled the word.
4. I checked with him.
5. If it's a mistake, he wrote in the "words to learn" column.

At the end of 5 mins, he had two words to learn for the next time. (which we will retest and then go on to the list


Coloring the forests. Don't look for perfection here!

Learnt about temperate forests and the forest layers

Did an oak tree minibook

The Habitat Diorama for forests.

Made the Native American dolls.
Motion Picture Flip book (for USA-Hollywood)

Preschool with ECC

We did the Letter "A" craft for America

Love these dry erase crayons. They add a different dimension to the wipe-away sheets. These worksheets are very adorable

And the Letter "U" craft for USA

and forest pack counting

The American flag for the small one.

HOMESCHOOL for the real life.
And guess what? We are so blessed that this week we'll be celebrating our 10th year anniversary and we're going back to where we had our honeymoon - Maine. Nice 10 hour roadtrip for us to see AMERICA. =)


  1. Love the mini book & the diorama. Nice work :) We finish up the US next week. It's nice to see what other families are doing.

  2. What a wonderful couple of weeks! I love getting a glimpse into your school days…and I'm seriously looking forward to ECC! We'll be beginning in Jan or Feb. Enjoy your vacation! :-)