Monday, August 4, 2014

2014/2015 School Year Plan and Curriculum

We are back from Summer.
One part of me laments. The other part is so fired up for the new year I can't wait.
This summer we read quite a bit. Here are the books Big Sis read and here's the list of Big Bro.
We also did Math almost everyday and Big Bro finished 3A and started on 3B. Big Sis finished 1B and did mostly Kumon Math practice.
We had wonderful family vacations, made lots of jam, biked a fair bit and Big Sis dumped the training wheels. It was a lovely break.

4th Grade/2nd Grade Curriculum 2014/2015

History/Geography: My Father's World Creation to the Greeks MFW CtG 

English: Rod and Staff English (I decided to do this instead of ILL)
Preparing to Build (2)

Building with Diligence (4)

Math: Singapore Math (starting with 3B and 2A)

Science: Science in the Beginning 
(with journals graciously made and shared by mommies in the group)

Art: God and the History of Art

Music: Vivaldi, Bach and Handel (and piano for Big Sis)
Mother Tongue/Foreign Language: Kang Hsuan Mandarin Curriculum from Taiwan

Kindergarten Curriculum 2014/2015

At the same time, Little Sis is doing My Father's World Kindergarten

I LOVE MFWK!!!!! (Even Big Bro says "Yay! I get to read the K books the 3rd time!!")

I am also giving her a Daily Math/Calendar thing to do. And maybe we'll add Mandarin 2nd half of the year.

So, we'll be having LOTS of fun!!!


Here are the binders I got the kids:
1.5 inch - History/Bible
1 inch - Science
1 inch - Art
1.5 inch - Kindergarten
1 inch - Daily Math/Calendar
0.5 inch for timeline

I've prepared all the lessons, printed out extra materials, sorted out the student sheets hole punched all of them and put them in the folders by weeks.

A long time ago, I tried the workbox system because I though it's very cool (I still do, btw), especially if it helps the child to be independent. However, it didn't work out for us.

I went back to the old school. I'll plan the stuff I'm going to do with them during school (in an excel sheet that kind of look like this for this year...

Then I'll write down the work they need to do on their own during self-work (doesn't make sense to call it "homework" time) which is the Quiet Time (after lunch for us). Most of the work are from the list I was going to do, plus more Math or more language/reading.

It worked great last year and I felt that the children gained independence and responsibility over their work in this way.

Pinterest Page for CtG
Pinterest Page for K

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