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MFW CtG/K Week 1: Creation

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete,equipped for every good work. (2 Tim 3:16-17)


  • Watched "Book of Genesis" from the Bentley Brothers (We love these guys!)
  • Read from Genesis the seven days creation account
  • Made a "Creation" Worksheet
  • Read Dinosaurs of Eden
  • Read some funny creation stories from around the world (It was interesting to see how people made sense of how the world came about)
  • Copied, did dictation and memorized 2 Tim 3:16-17

We read these books.

We bought our materials used and this was the only student sheet missing, so I decided to make one myself (without the Hebrew words)


  • Big Bro started Singapore Math 3B and Big Sis started Singapore Math 2A

  • Light: Reflection experiment (and played a game online for reflection)

Thank you, mommies from the CtG group, I am indebted for these journal pages!
  • Light: Colors in creation experiment
It was so cool that before we did the experiment, one day the kids found this on the ceiling. It was light bouncing off a shiny book on the couch (that Star Wars book?) and casting a beautiful color display.
LOOK AT THIS!!!!! It was SOOOO cool!!! (showing colors in light)

  • Light: Reflecting colors

Red reflecting red and absorbing all the other colors

Black absorbing all the colors


  • Started Rod and Staff English for 2nd level and 4th level
  • Spelling by Sight and Structure for Big Sis
  • Spelling Power (we continue from where we stopped last year Level G Group 47)
  • We also learnt the Greek word "Biblos" and did our English from the Roots Up notebook page.

Foreign Language

  • Started on 康軒首冊(revising the BoPoMoFo). The older two took turns doing the lesson online.


  • Listen to Haydn's Creation while doing the Creation worksheet
  • The "Frustration" exercise (yes, they are thoroughly frustrated)
  • Learning to draw lines

We watched some Joni's videos and the kids were encouraged!

Drawing lines and the artist in the house went a few miles further on... =)
Have you wondered?
This year I decided to write down all the questions the children (or me) brought up after a bible lesson, or after a lesson (usually this happens during lunch time). It was so enlightening to hear all the questions the children had (and their possible answers)!
  • Why is there light and darkness, not just light all the time? - to rest?
  • Who created the water and darkness before light? -  God was there
  • Who created God? Did He create Himself? - "I am"
  • What is the longest unit for distance parsec
  • Why is the sky blue? Rayleigh scattering (reflection of light!)
  • How would you explain what is blue to someone who cannot see? dark, cool, purple
  • Why did God not make things all in one go? provide order for us?
  • Did what God create appear right away or slowly? "Then it happened" (might be right away!)

Kindergarten: Creation
Made the Creation Book

Creation numbers

Did the light experiment with Big Bro and Big Sis

Ate fun Creation Snacks

And sang fun Creation songs!

This is a picture I cannot get tired of. I taught one to read, and she went on to read to her siblings.
And she started using the 100-day Calendar

Homeschooling Ideas

If I come up with any ideas to share in order to facilitate the homeschooling at home (especially with multiple kids), I thought I'll add them on the weekly blog!

Here are our meals for the first week of school. 

You'd realize we gear towards SIMPLICITY, especially the first week when we are readjusting.
Burgers and sweet potatoes (Homemade patties)

Vegetable with egg gravy over rice (cook whatever vegetable, make a mixture of soy sauce or other seasoning with water and arrowroot powder, add to vegetable, then add beaten eggs)

Chicken Mushroom Wild Rice Chowder (this recipe is close to what we do, except we add mushrooms) with homemade rolls
Copy-cat Red Lobster Biscuits, roasted sweet potatoes and honey roasted wings

Here is how our typical day looks like:

6:00am The older ones wake and do whatever they do at that unearthly hour.
7:00am Mommy wakes, prays, has devotions and makes breakfast.
7:30am Breakfast and facetime with grannies in Singapore.
8:00am Clean up
8:15 am School begins
10:45am (typically) School ends and Mommy prepares lunch (it feels like this year we'll end school at closer to 11 or 11:30am)
11:15am Lunch time and talk time
12:00 pm Naptime for Baby and Mommy. Quiet time for the kids
Quiet Time - The older kids do their selfwork
2:00 pm Clean up time
2:30 pm Snack and Video time
3:00 pm Play time!
4:30 pm Mommy makes dinner

5:00 pm The three older kids take turns taking a shower
5:45 pm Daddy is home and dinner time!
6:30 pm Daddy takes a bath for Baby and get ready for bed (once a week Big Sis has piano time with Mommy and once a week we have family bible time)
7:00 pm Daddy Time and BEDTIME!

However, because the weather is still good, we sometimes still go downstairs at 8:15am to ride our bikes and run around. And then, school may spill into the afternoon (Science experiments maybe)

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