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MFW CtG/K Week 2: S-s Sun, Adam & Eve - Noah

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete,equipped for every good work. (2 Tim 3:16-17)


  • Revised 2 Tim 3:16-17
  • Read Dinosaurs of Eden
  • Read the accounts of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Noah
  • Made notebook pages
  • Measured the Ark (450 ft) and realized the space below our apartment is not big enough for the ark.
  • Learn about the Jewish Calendar
  • Watched a rather long video (Beginning Bible) for Noah (Quite a bit of extra information added)
  • This year I finally made the decision to make the timeline into an accordion book.

2nd grader

4th grader

2nd grader

4th grader


    • This week we struggled somewhat with Big Bro on yards, feet and inches (Why, oh why is the American system not metric?!?!) 

    • Light: Absorption and Reflection (and different forms of energy)
    Black plastic bag absorbs more light, thus more thermal energy and thus hotter than the white.

    And we learnt about the different energy on this interesting website

    • Light:Absorption and Reflection
    The white paper just didn't work

    But the newspaper work REALLY well!


    • We had to do a few more practice on the more confusing terms like predicates and subjects but Rod and Staff does  great job. (I like it so far)
    • Spelling by Sight and Structure for Big Sis
    • Spelling Power for Big Bro
    • We also learnt the Greek word "sauros" and did our English from the Roots Up notebook page.
    • We started the read-aloud Tanglewoods' Secret. (Big Bro volunteered to read to Big Sis during Quiet Time, quite cool and he is a very good reader!)
    • And we started to read "All-of-a-kind Family" I really like the book!
    Spelling power
    "Sauros" English from the Roots Up

    Foreign Language

    • Continued on 康軒首冊(revising the BoPoMoFo). The older two took turns doing the lesson online. They really like the curriculum this year.


    • Learnt about Vivaldi (and we like the books we read on him!)

    We also did a notebooking page about him

    This website has great resources for learning about Vivaldi and even a beginning sheet music for "Spring"!

    • Learnt to draw lines and ellipses

      Have you wondered?
      • How old was Adam when he was created? - wow! I don't know!
      • You mean, animals talked in Garden of Eden? (referring to the serpent) -  hmm...
      • Maybe Adam had no idea that Eve brought him the fruit from the forbidden tree? - he was "with her" (said the bible, so...)
      • Were Cain and Abel twins? probably not Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.” And again, she bore his brother Abel. (Gen 4:1-2)
      • How long did Noah take to build the ark? 120 years !!!
      • What did Noah do to the ark after they left it? Hmm...I don't know! =)

      Kindergarten: S-s Sun
      S-s cards

      She tried hard in writing neatly.

      Made the S book

      I used the coloring of "S" here and the rest of the pictures from here (I bought it during the "Pay as you wish" sale and I don't quite think it's worth it to pay $10 for it, my personal opinion)

      Did some Sun craft

      Read some Sun books (and Big Sis read some to her)

      Learnt that "Jesus is the light of the world"

      Watched "S" video from Sesame street

      And she continued using the 100-day Calendar

      Math page

      Cuisenaire rods (more difficult for this girl than my last)

      we did some fun ipad apps (this one is from Lakeshore and I like it a lot but I got it for free and it's $1.99 now)

      Sticker book we got from Aldi!

      Discrimination page

      Drawing page!

      And we made sunbread! We read the book many years back. I am okay with the book so we didn't read it again this time. But could not resist making the bread though. And we used our favorite recipe for the bread (we did use part whole wheat flour)

      Homeschooling Ideas

      I learnt it is great fun and great learning to have the older ones read to the younger ones this week. I enjoyed the picture very much.

      Pinterest Page for CtG
      Pinterest Page for Kindergarten
      Booklist for CtG
      Booklist for Kindergarten

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