Friday, February 27, 2015

100th Day of School 2015

Can't believe this is the 5th time we are celebrating 100th Day of School.

And I seldom do much decorating. This year it feels like I'm going ALL OUT. (just kidding)

I happily went to the dollar store and picked out streamers and balloons, thinking "might as well do primary colors". After I put it up, I realized, it looked very Cinco De Mayo-ish. After posting the photos on facebook, realization hit. BLUE. It is BLUE. NOT GREEN. *SLAP FOREHEAD*. Brains seriously not working after 7pm

This morning Lil Sistold daddy "Did you see the cool car wash?"
And Baby Sis said "媽媽, 外面美美"

And at the breakfast table, this dialogue made me laugh so hard.

Lil Sis: Mom, if you change the green to blue, it will be primary colors!!
Hubby (being nice, but we both were stifling a laugh): Yes, Emma. Mommy was trying to do primary colors and she sort of forgot.
Colleen (totally incredulously): is a secondary color.

Alright. Aside from the color saga, here are what we did on the 100th Day!

This is monkey bars

And the airplane interior, with luggage area and windows.

Printables here

And we have one hundred pieces of snacks!!! (10 of each)

The kids counting hard.

That's how much one hundred pieces of snacks look like

Their FAVORITE part of 100th Day

Lil Sis completed her 100 chart and also the Daily Math Book.

It took her a while to get the groove of it, but she was doing the Daily Math Book so well and so independently I am really proud of her.

These are some of the examples.

Finally, Lil Sis asked "So, are we done with school?!?" (yeah, it feels like, with such celebration, it is apt)
I said "Sorry, school as usual on Monday."
And we read these books. The 100th Day Worries is very fun!! We still have other 100th Day books that have not yet arrived at our library.

Oh, we tried one of those Aging App (makes you look like 100 years old?) and the kids thoroughly freaked out. They looked monstrous. And I DO NOT recommend any mom to try on yourself. I tried it and I COMPLETELY regret it. =) It WILL haunt you.

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