Friday, August 21, 2015

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 2: Julius Caesar, Rome City and homes


We learnt about the Old and New Testament overview and how bible were written then.

Lil Sis started her first copywork. I decided to start her slow, since she is not as good at writing yet.


We learnt about Julius Caesar. For Big Bro, I asked him to read this book

then write his summary. For Big Sis, she wrote the summary from our reading from the Streams of Civilization.

We read Augustus Caesar's World, on Cicero, Mark Antony, Why is July, and the starting of the civil war.
I cut out the characters from the coloring pages in the book and made them into "puppets". It is helpful to use these props as I read, especially helpful for the chapter beginning pg 45

I got the book Famous Men of Rome from here (public domain) and read to the kids the chapter on Cicero.

We played the odd and even game

We also learnt about the Roman homes (Mark Antony's chapter was an interesting read on the homes), the city, aqueducts and Pompeii.
These videos were very helpful
From 15:40 on David Macaulay talked about Aqueducts.

This is a good and concise video on Pompeii.

This video is quite interesting on Circus Maximus (when we read on Why is July)

These were in the Book Baskets this week.

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English. I have found that school has become more manageable when I go through with them the lessons, but they will do the work on their own, either in the noon quiet time, or the early mornings.

Lil Sis continued to revise her alphabet.

Lil Sis' Mandarin work is getting well! It is delightful to see another child learn to "read" and "write", in another language.

This is a quick review on the English from the Roots Up Latin words we learnt so far.

The older two do their Math work usually at quiet time or mornings (before the house wakes up). However, I might go through with them the mistakes or more practice in the afternoon.

Lil Sis does worksheets on counting these two weeks. Next week we will go on to number bonds.

We learnt about the brain this week.

I found that it is helpful to google a picture of the model of the brain for them to have a better idea instead of the Human Body for Kids' black and white picture.

We learnt about showing depth in pictures

Wally is back! With his grandpa, sister, and a magnifying glass.

Foreground, Middleground, Background drawings

Our schedule slightly changed from last year.
6:00am Older two wake. They do their Math or English for the day (I would have gone through with them the lesson the day before)

7:00am Others wake. Breakfast

8:00am School

10:30am We are usually done! (that is because we haven't started on Spelling and the harder Science projects. Also, it helps when Math and English work are out of the way)
We may go to the playground or do other stuff.

11:30am prep for lunch

12:00pm Since Baby Sis does not nap anymore, our lunch schedule is more flexible.

1:00pm Quiet Time. Mommy naps. =) The older kids do some work on their own.

2:00pm Clean up

2:30pm Tea time and video time (Mommy corrects school work)

3:00pm PLAY TIME!

4:00pm Some days Mommy have to go through some corrections and more practice with Big Bro and Big Sis

4:30pm One of the older three will help out with dinner.

5:30pm Dinner Time with Daddy

6:00pm Family Bible Time

6:30pm clean up and get ready for bed

7:00pm Bedtime!

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