Friday, August 28, 2015

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 3: 2nd Triumvirate, mosaics


We started to memorize the New Testament Books. However, since the kids are very familiar with it, I decided to give them a challenge: to memorize in Chinese.

Lil Sis did well in her Prov 3:5 memorization.


We learnt about Cicero (among others) were being killed by the 2nd Triumvirate (Octavius, Antony and Lepidus).

We also learnt about the battle of Philippi, how Antony and Octavius divided their land (picture below), and Antony's liaison with Cleopatra

Source from here
We learnt about the Roman gardens and mosaics and made some ourselves.

We got the paint samples from Home Depot, cut them into different shapes (we didn't do squares) and use them for the mosaic projects

These are in the book basket this week. The Bronze Bow is ready for next.

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English.

Big Bro finished chapter 1 and did a test on it.

Lil Sis went onto short vowels this week and did some reading

I found this book in the library (there is the long vowel one too). Very funny book!

Lil Sis learnt to write her Chinese name this week and the older two did a test for chapter three of 康軒一下

We learnt the Latin numbers up to six (sex) this week.

Lil Sis did practice on Number Bonds this week.

We also got some fun books to read for Math.

The older two did good practices on their Singapore Math 4B and 3A.
We passed the 10th day and we got to use another pipe cleaner for the 11th day.

Lil Sis is doing very well independently on her Daily Math work.

We learnt more about the brain this week.

We learnt how the cerebellum helped maintain balance and how it's not possible to lift one leg and balance when you are against the wall.

We also learnt that the hypothalamus regulate our temperature and how sometimes we get "deceived" by temperature. When your hand is in hot water and placed in room temperature water it feels cold and vice versa.

And we learnt about nerves, neurons and reflexes.


We learnt about vantage points.

We also learnt to draw from vantage points in perspectives.


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