Friday, August 21, 2015

Books Review: A series of Unfortunate Events

Big Brother finished almost the entire Series of Unfortunate Events.
He is presently reading one of the books to me.

I am so pleasantly surprised to find this series absolutely entertaining, full of humor, and very enlightening!

There is no foul language nor bad manners (except from the villains, of course) portrayed in the children, which I find so refreshing in modern day literature.

Lemony Snickett (pen name for Daniel Handler) has used a very humorous backhanded way to write this series and though it is filled with despair, tragedies, and possibly things you will not like to hear about (as he would have penned), it is also filled with creativity and so much laughter!

I think children, especially boys of age 9/10 and up will really enjoy this series. We listened to them on audiobooks too and found them delightful.

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