Friday, April 8, 2016

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 31: Gutenberg, Reformation


We memorized Philippians 2:12 and did some review of verses 

We read about Wycliffe, John Huss, Martin Luther, and William Tyndale.

I felt that this week was such an important week. We talked about all the things the protesters were wanting to reform of the church, and our kids were astounded. I reminded them that we are so blessed to view those things as "absurd" because of these reformationists! Many of them had to pay with their lives so that we can live a faith so free!

For Lil Sis, since we finished the bible reader, I asked her to pick a bible notebook page to do.


We learnt about the Gutenberg invention of the printing press and how that affected how bibles are printed and the reformation.

We watched the video of the old fashioned art of making a book and marvelled at how the machine was just like the Gutenberg's design!

We learnt about the early Reformation and the Reformation process. We also read about Martin Luther's 95 point theses

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English.

Lil Sis will be doing reading from books of her choice. This week she read Fancy Nancy.

I really like this bookstand we bought. It helps with reading and posture!

The older two did a review for 康軒一下 for Mandarin Chinese and Lil Sis did practice on bopomofo

We learnt two more Latin words "stella" and "amo" this week. 

We continued to practice Math. 

We learnt about Uranus and Neptune 
Big Bro took out his little models again.

These were pages for Lil Sis.

We did not do the cloud experiment. Instead we did this with Baby Sis.

This shows how when the clouds are saturated, they "rain"

The kids had a lot of fun.


We did not do art this week.

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