Saturday, April 30, 2016

Preschool 2015/2016: SPRING

We are learning about spring in April. It was really fun!! Can't wait for August to do an unit on summer.

We read these books


Bunny roll.. I KNOW I KNOW. it's more like a pig or mouse... Will try again...

Dirt cups


Soda Bottle Prints

Fun Dandelion pencil top. (Got it from a craft book)

LOVE this garland

This was fun sorting.

We loved the book "Quiet Bunny's Many colors". I made worksheets for her and also we did a fork Dandelion art.

Spring Play dough!!

More ideas here

Big Sis colored the pictures with watercolor pencils and Baby Sis paint over without mess.

I love this!

Hatching chick!

Toilet roll Bunny Stamps

Tissue paper flower

Tulip Stenciling and finger painting

Yarn Tulip (used the cut out from the stencil! yay!)

Umbrellas and "airbrush" rain

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