Friday, April 1, 2016

Preschool 2015/2016: Bears

March is the Bear Theme!! I found so many fun things to do/read/cook!
We had so much fun with bears.

Different Bear "Foods"

Bear Swimming in Curry. =)
The kids had a big kick that morning we ate these toasts. =)
These are SOOO adorable. I used this recipe for the cookies (our favorite)
Bear Rolls!

Winnie Chocolate Custard Buns

To compare more or less and to eat: Teddy Grahams!!

Mini Cupcake
Gummy Bear sorting
Bear Claw cookies. =)
Panda Riceballs!

Bear Books

These books are SO SO fun. We read them over and over. Even Big Bro. =)

Bear Crafts/Activities
Remember the snow play dough I made two months back? It got played a lot.

And to it, I added unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut oil, some more flour, salt and hot water and I kneaded it.
It turned into the most DELICIOUS smelling chocolate play dough for making bears!! I just hope Baby Sis won't attempt to eat it...yikes.

We are going on a Bear Hunt

This book is SOOOO fun!! We read it sooo many times.
We made the map.

We made binoculars to hunt bears with.

We played with the map again.

We made and "went through" (with our fingers) THICK, OOZY MUD. (pudding) =)

This video is WONDERFUL!! Read by Michael Rosen.

Goldilocks and the three bears
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Cards


Got a new sticker book for her. SHE LOVES LOVES LOVES the sticker activity books!!

We fed a bear. I gave her instructions like "feed 3 green fish", or "feed 2 blue fish".

Of course, she thinks mommy left out the most important details on the fish, so she added them. =)
We did worksheets.

We played with Berenstain Bears paper dolls.

Circle Bear Craft

The Gummy Bear experiment that flopped. It should look like this

Fork Bear

Got the template here: Mosaic Ber

Idea from here

Polar Bear Drawing

Bear Shape Sorting

Easy Origami Bear

Build a Bear!

Bear Puzzle

Brown Bear Brown Bear activity

Making a Book. SHE LOVES this book!!
pipe cleaner bear. SO cute and really small!

Baby Sis LOVED the handprint pics. =) I used tempera paints so it is really easy to clean.
letter B Bear

Alright, this mask is SO adorable!

Funny design I got from Pinterest. I think it's real artistic, but the kids did not.

Some coloring.

Tearing up Panda Art. FUN FUN FUN!

Bear Videos
We watched a lot of Berenstain Bear videos this month.
Also we watched Kung Fu Panda! =)
And Bear Snores on has a video (but LONG though)
Winnie the Pooh has some mini segments that are so fun

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