Saturday, September 3, 2016

Exploration to 1850 WEEK 5: Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island Colonies


This week we revised Bible memory James 1:1-11.
And the older kids did Boy! Have I got problems study while Lil Sis did her copywork.

We learnt this hymn this week.

I made it into a simple form for Big Sis.


We learnt about the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Rhode Island Colony.

We read this book together.

Then Big Bro took out his computer and we looked at some pictures we took at Providence when we went there last year.

We finished this book.


We continued with Spelling and Big Sis had her first English test for Rod and Staff.

We continued with Mandarin Chinese.

Lil Sis finished Math 1B and went on to 2A.


We did Lesson 2 on seeds this week. It was really fun!

We observed them on the outside.

And we observed them on the inside.

The testa

We talked about the process and we watched a video on it.

Then we did our experiment on germination.
We put seeds in three places: under sunlight, in the dark, and in the fridge.

Day 1. The one in the dark has grown 1 cm.

Day 2: Dark (3 cm), light (1cm)

Day 3: Dark (6cm), light (3 cm), we have given up on the one in the fridge.

Day 4: Dark (10cm), light (4 cm)

We also learnt about monocots and dicots and went looking for them when we took a walk.

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

This week we learnt about making efforts to do a good drawing.
We found a picture online and sketched carefully.

Then we do water color on the whole page. This is mom's.

Big Bro

Lil Sis

Big Sis

Books we read for leisure

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