Saturday, September 3, 2016

Preschool Summer Unit

We are BACK! For August, we are doing the theme of "SUMMER", of course. =)
We had a WONDERFUL summer vacation. We went places, did lots of things, and played a lot.

Next month we'll do "All About Me"

Books we read

I got these worksheets from here, here, and here.

Her pet name

She requested for this. =)

Footprints flipflops

Sundae! =)

Color Match

Counting shells (that we got on our summer vacation)

handprint ice cream

I made these worksheets for her (she is learning her numbers)

This was a fun summer number sheet for her in the big book.

Fish scales!

Ice cream math

She enjoyed tracing the numbers through the page protector, using the dry erase crayon.
I used sheet protector and wrote the numbers on the side for her.

Then she went into creative play.


Popsicle match


Making the campfire. SUCH a fun project!

We placed a battery operated "flame" inside.
Hot dogs!

Handprint campfire

Sand dollar cookies. =)

We had ice cream of course. =)

Little burger cookies. Nilla Wafers, chocolate and butterscotch melts
Greek Yogurt dots! =) YUM!

A trip to the seaside is part of our summer "school"! =)

Prewriting practice

Cutting practice
Dot to dot 1-5

Big Book from Aldi. We did many pages, learning prewriting skills and also numbers from it. It was fun!

We went bowling many times this summer, thanks to KidsBowlFree. Even at the bowling alley we could do school! Baby Sis was naming the numbers on the balls. =)
Tangram numbers!

These worksheets are really fun!

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