Monday, September 12, 2016

MFW Exploration to 1850 WEEK 6: Dutch(New Amsterdam), Africa, Flowers


This week we revised Bible memory James 1:1-11.
And we memorized James 1:12-14

We continued to sing "The Lord's My Shepherd".


 We learnt about the Dutch in the new world, tobacco (Triangular Trade) and Queen Nzinga Angola.
It is interesting because we live in NY.

We borrowed an interesting book from the library about Manhattan. (Picture book)

And I love it that we read about New Amsterdam in the 2nd Grade supplement (American Pioneers and Patriots) too.

We looked up where Angola is.

We started reading Amos Fortune.
I really like it. The kids were not as crazy about it, but at least the readings are short.


We continued with Spelling. Lil Sis is really getting a hang of Spelling. It was cool to see.

We continued with Mandarin Chinese.


We continued to document our seeds.
Day 5: Dark

Day 5: Light

Day 6 Light

Day 6 Dark

Day 7 Dark

Day 7 Light

Day 7 Fridge (no growth at all)

We stopped after Day 7. We already got the answer and it was hard to measure.
The ones in the dark grew the fastest.We looked at how the cotyledons dropped off and the plumules grew

The ones in the light grew slower but they have green leaves! Because they need chlorophyll?

Then we learnt about flowers, which are SOOO much fun too!
Preserving flowers with borax.
This was after two weeks! Quite cool!!

We found some flowers in Grandma's garden and enjoyed looking at the different stamen and carpel (pistils)

Stamen and carpel



Lil Sis made a playdoh model. 

Then we learnt about the carnivorous plants. OH SO FUN!!!
We watched some videos online.

This one is really good!

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

We learnt about the Limbourg brothers and how they made the calendar for the Duke of Berry.

And Big Sis and Big Bro did the pages.

Lil Sis did a project we didn't do a few weeks back. Using gold leaf (or rather, gold construction paper) for the painting.

Books we read for leisure

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