Sunday, November 21, 2010

D-Dinosaur Plan

Every unit excites me in different ways (granted. 

There are some units, that I just do. Not that much stuff). Some units, I LOVE the fact there are great crafts or fun activities. Others (like the last) I love the hands on. This unit, I am stretched in my spiritual learning. Because I never cared about the dinosaur. I AM A GAL! I never cared when they lived, if they still lived, and how that contradicts (or not) with the bible. I shrug it off with "God knows and I don't" But here comes a time when I'm confronted with it and I got to teach it to my kids and I better learn it. And boy, learn it I did and how grateful I am! Just by reading this AMAZING article by Ken Ham who made the whole dinosaur thing SOOO easy to understand, my faith grew a notch! Can you believe it! My God is awesome! His Word is true! Do yourself a favor and read it.

Anyhows, here's the unit plan (besides the usual Language drills)
  1. Teach about the dinosaurs well. I didn't have the Ken Ham book (I wish I did) but here're seven easy points I gleaned from the article that I'm going to teach my kids. *Dinosaurs were created on Day and they started out eating plants
  *Dinosaurs lived with men
  *Not all dinosaurs are big
*Dinosaurs went into Noah's Ark too
*After the Flood, they slowly died
*We don't know exactly how they look like
  *They may not be totally extinct

2. Clothes Pin Stegosaurus craft
  3. Hatchable Dino Egg
  4. Dinosaur Diorama using Dino here


How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Jane Yolen and Mark Teague Dinosaurumpus! Tony Mitton A Trio of Triceratops Bernard Most
Dinosaurs Big and Small by Kathleen Zoehfeld
And if we have time we might make some dino snacks.

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