Wednesday, November 3, 2010

N-Nest Unit Part 1

We enjoyed a couple of fun things in the Nest Unit 
 *We used the Nest counting cards to do Math at different level. C counted the eggs and put them in order (more or less). I played addition with Ian using the cards and he found them real fun. 
 *We ate Bird's Nest. Go wiki it if you don't know what it might be grossed out though. BUT! It's a VERY expensive snack (a gift from my mom) and a valuable high-value tonic for the Chinese.
 *We enjoyed the Mickey Mouse Sticker Book given by a friend. It's very colorful, fun and can be used for different levels too! I like the reusability of the stickers as well.
 * We used the alphabets and spelt words.
 *I think our favorite books were Best Nest and Baby Bird' First Nest.

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