Friday, November 12, 2010

U-Us Plan

This is a week I'm glad we have 6 days for the unit! It's a really fun unit with lots of hands on and Science stuff. We're doing less worksheets for this unit.

Here's our booklist
The shape of me 
The ear book Eyes, nose, fingers and toes : a first book all about you 
The eye book Super senses 
Here are my hands 
The luckiest one of all 
Super Senses has all the fun experiments. I wish we had more Christian books cos this is a great topic to talk about God creating us. Also, I realized There is the Nose Book too! (I didn't reserve it). 
And we read this one (Hands Hands Fingers Thumb) before and we LOVE it! (didn't borrow it this time)
We also have a set of books on the body by Scholastic (a gift from a friend) that I thought is pretty good.

And here's the plan:
TOUCH (Day 1)
  What's in the bag (Feel an object and guess) 
Ice/warm water experiment (from Super Senses) 
Picture cards page 
Tactile Letter (Write alphabet on pudding)

SOUND (Day 2)
  Blend Ladder Pt 1 
Short vowel song 
Blindfold and guess sound 
Eardrum experiment (From Super Senses) 
Read and discuss Prov 20:12 
Ear animation
Find sounds
List of sounds we hear the whole day

SMELL (Day 3)
  Letter sound Handwriting
Sound Discrimination
Math Sight Word 
Smell things and guess the object 

SIGHT (Day 4)
  Blend Ladder Pt 2 
Blend Ladder Page 
Word List page 
Memory Game (put ABC cards, child look away, take away/change cards and see if child remembers the order)
Memory Game (put objects, child look away, take away/change object and see if child remembers the order)
Blindfold and draw train 
Flag experiment
2 eyes
Memorize and discuss Prov 20:12

TASTE (Day 5)
  Short Vowel Song 
Drawing page
 Taste bud experiment (Super Senses)
 Food groups teaching

Do the extra worksheets that haven't been done

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