Thursday, November 11, 2010

T-Turtle Unit Part 2

Some extra things I thought interesting to share.
1. Extra books We found these Little House on the Prairie books that we like in the library! They are a nice find.
2.One morning I had to put the youngest baby down for nap. So I asked the brother and the sister to do the morning board on their own since they have been doing it for a while already. They were drawing and playing then. It was a real surprise to hear the brother say (after some minutes that I was in) "Come, Colleen, let's do school" and they did up the morning board all by themselves! so proud of them. (besides the mistake of "4+1" they did a great job!)
3.Our dear boy turned 5 today. It was soooo wonderful to have him in our lives and he is the pride and joy of his parents!
4. So a review on this "Pretend and Play Snack Shop" toy we bought him. It is WONDERFUL!!! You really get to learn A LOT of things!! (and our boy REALLY likes to open a "shop") Math, social skills (asking what they want etc). My boy even learn to be a great businessman (throwing in freebies, striking up a conversation with the "customer" etc). The real money value is complicating to them, so we stick to "number" of dollars and it's just number of coins. 

We had problems with the phonetic sound of "a". Not sure how an "ah" sound can turn into "e"pple. Still we perservered and practiced with starfall. Still figuring it out.

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