Wednesday, December 1, 2010

D-Dinosaur Unit Part 1

The books we read. We enjoyed the Berenstain Bears one and Danny and the Dinosaur most.
We did the D-Dinosaur unit over Thanksgiving, so it took a long time as we took a break for that. As I said in the plan. What I was surprised about was how much my faith grew just by reading the article by Ken Ham.
Here are what we did:
*Dino-rama using the dinos from download -a-dinosaur
*dino drawings (I was very surprised by Ian who did a really good job!)
*dino play-doh. AHHH...he's not that good in this one. =)
*Made a story of "Ian and the Dinosaur" (from Danny and the Dinosaur) I thought he did a great job on this! (a Charlotte Mason-y kind of thing I think)
*made dinosaur book (I didn't put this in the plan but I like it very much! In fact I like the graphics by Kizclub a lot! Clean and nice) *match dinosaurs from here
*made a dino craft from "D"
I surprised the kids by making the dinosaur lunch (using Tyson's Nuggets). and in turn my boy surprised me by how he has gorwn in coloring and recognizing of words!
We also started the Jesse Tree as part of Advent. In short, Jesse Tree is a way to prepare our hearts for Christmas as we review God's plan for the World from Creation to Birth of Jesus (through his ancestors).
And Jesse Tree comes from the verse Is 11:12 A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. (meaning Jesus)
Get the info on Jesse Tree here.

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