Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I-Insect Part 2

Making the ant craft, I realized to kill some time for the preschooler, we did a sorting of eyes according size with her.
We enjoyed the Little Red Hen story and used pictures to tell it. We found a Little Red Hen video too.
The last picture happened this morning. I put out the books and was getting ready to read with them and then went to give my baby a feeding. When I came back, I saw this scene. It's a wonderful thing to see kids reading (even if they can't exactly read). I think MFW gives us a good variety of good literature to enjoy.
 I benefitted a lot mainly from the forum on the website.
Ian fell in love with Frog and Toad story. He can actually memorize it. And he likes to write lists like Toad. And he wrote thousands of them (it seems like). He kept practicing and practicing. He can actually write them by heart and not copy (like in the beginning). It's funny how interest can really spur on learning!

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