Tuesday, December 28, 2010

G-Goat Plan

I like the theme for this week, but felt that not enough is done to reinforce the important idea that "Jesus died for my sins".

Here're the activities we'll do:
*Go through the gospel using the Wordless Book again. I've explained the gospel to Ian in the past year and he understood perfectly and knows he believes and that Jesus is in him.
*Using puppets from here for the Old MacDonald Song
*Match adult and child animal from here
*Make farm animals/babies book from here and here
*other nice worksheets I found are: prepositions (farm animals) and Animal Sounds
*for the preschooler, we received a Mary Had a Little Lamb book and puzzle for Christmas and we'll do that with her.
*let the child write his/her sins on a paper and then cover them with a cut out cross

Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier
G is for Goat and
Oh, Look! by Patricia Polacco
Gordon in Charge by Jill Newton
Bill Grogan's Goat, adapted by Mary Ann Hoberman
Life on a Goat Farm by Judy Wolfman
All About Farm Animals by Brenda Cook
The year at Maple Hill Farm

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