Monday, December 20, 2010

I-Insect Plan

Here's to hoping we get a better week for I-Insect!
Our plan:
*Anthill (I've prepared the anthill, but the ants haven't arrived! And yes, I still CAN'T believe I paid to get ants)
*Ant craft using paper egg cartons
*Observation log using ideas here
*ladybug game
*ladybug craft (still looking)
*ladybug snack
use half an apple, dots of peanut butter and put raisins on them. I think it'll be great!
*some more ladybug preschooler ideas here
*Ladybug math game (I like this but may not have time for it)
*Honey snack (still thinking)
*Bee craft?
*Matching bee and flower color folder game
*Berenstain bear Honey Hunt board game (Activities)
*Grasshopper and Ant video
*Read Little Red Hen story here

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