Thursday, March 3, 2011

K-Kangaroo Unit Plan

Kangaroos have the most beautiful silhouette, don't you think?
Here is our plan for the unit
*Fact sheet of Kangaroo
*Hopping exercise (I like that)
*Pencil Holder
*Learning about Australia (A little)
*All the animals that hop poster
*Kelly Kangaroo Worksheet
We have also started to use the Earlybird Mathematics workbook that I got from Singapore.(The Singapore edition goes by K1A, K1B, K2A, K2B) Here's our booklist: Does the kangaroo have a mother too McGillycuddy Could Katy no pocket Where are you blue kangaroo? What shall we do blue kangaroo? A Kangaroo joey grows up Kangaroos And our bible: Ps 16:1 God keep me safe. I go to You for safety.

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