Tuesday, March 29, 2011

R-Rock Unit

Here are the things we did for R-Rock
*Volcano Experiment (It was fun for the kids!) Check out the video on the next post
*Watched some videos of volcanos on youtube
*Read and talked extensively on the parable of the House on the Rock/Sand.
*Did a coloring of that
*We also played a game. I would say certain scenarios and the kids would run to the Foolish chair or Wise chair accordingly
*Sang "Wise Men build his house upon the rock" (Chinese)
*Used legos to build two houses (one well built, one not) and put them on the Bible (Rock) or "sand" (pony beads)

Talking about pony beads, I had a "smack in the head" moment. I let the girls sit at the table during school and they REALLY like to play with the beads. Who wouldn't? But it was getting a pain for they would drop the beads and it would be difficult to find them. Today I decided to put them on a clean and plain carpet. OF COURSE, that's MUCH better!!!! easier to clean up. Of course it still took a long to clean up when the WHOLE bucket was emptied on the floor (by the littlest). The big boy thought it was fun, like a pebble hunt!
Didn't do the Rock Cookies, for we have too much sweets in the house...

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