Sunday, March 13, 2011

K-Kangaroo Unit

Kangaroo Unit is quite fun.
*Jumped and saw how far we jumped and then we were amazed that the kangaroo can jump from the kid's room to the door (30 feet)
*did a kangaroo craft with cup (the girl, not the real "student" was the one who always likes crafts, instead of the boy)
*read about Australia
* sewed a pocket with a real needle and thread (since we read Katy No pocket)
*Did a LOT of pattern practice (the theme for EarlyBird Math {Singapore})
I used lego to let him "copy" the pattern and then he had to predict the next repetition. It was so much easier for him that way.
*started learning to make the "date" with coins. Eg 3/10 (10th), we used 2 nickels or a dime.
*The Blue Kangaroo books were real fun. But we like McGillycuddy could the best

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