Saturday, March 19, 2011

Z-Zebra Unit

Monday will be last day for Zebra. We'll do reading and Math (and if the weather is good again, we'll do an outdoor day too)
Anyhows, here're what we did for Z-Zebra
*Zebra craft with cut out stripes (good practice for Ian)
*Tangram of a horse (preschooler)
*Watched an interesting slideshow/video of zebras here (the first 5 mins)
*Made PB/J sandwich striped style.
*Watch Bad Case of Stripes on storylineonline again. (love this reading!!) *Ian read "Put me in the zoo" ALL BY HIMSELF. So proud of him
*Did a number of worksheets. I like the color by numbers one cos it combined subtraction in it.
Other things. We did a lot of Math stuff too, like measuring. It was fun. The Math mat turned out to be too under-challenging for him, cos he found the pattern too fast.


  1. I am visiting from Kathi's link up. I LOVE your plans for MFW K. I will probably start it with my 2 year old in a few years and will come back here and "steal" all of your wonderful plans. Great week!

  2. Hi Ann! I'm visiting from the Homeschool Highlights link. It's sooo fun to look at your MFW K posts and take a trip down memory lane! We did it two years ago when my 7yo was in K, and we'll start again next year for my youngest. Keep having fun, and keep up the good work! :)

  3. Hi Ann!

    Thank you for linking up each week. I love how you have sooo many pics, and how your children are actually in them :) I really need to remember to take some like that each week.

    Looks like your little students have a wonderful time!