Monday, April 18, 2011

B-Butterfly Unit

B-Butterfly unit was so much fun!! We had tons of crafts, activities and our preschooler was REALLY involved. Well, mostly because she loves crafts.

We had great fun with the food too! Here are what we did:
*Pasta life cycle ( I REALLY like this...thank you to my friends for giving me the different pastas!) I ended up buying bowties, so we made a lunch out of it.
*Dramatizing life cycles. The kids love it too. And Colleen painted the wings beforehand. Can you see we used grocery bags? Got the ingenious idea from the forum
*sun-catchers. OOOH...these are so beautitful!
*Drop paints using eye dropper and then fold into half for a love symmetry effect
*Ian read Hungry Caterpillar and used props from here
*For Math this week we made our own weigh balance (such a creative idea!!! I found on the web) and did some weighing. It was fun.
*I think we had too many books of the same it was redundant.
*We watched a DK DVD on butterfly. It was fun.


  1. LOVE all of your edible ideas! :) And your props for The Hungry Caterpillar ... where did you find those? They're GREAT! :)

  2. hey Jennifer! Found them at, story props (there are other books too!)