Tuesday, April 26, 2011

F-Frog Unit

Frog...We have been waiting for this unit!

Because...Frog and Toad Together is THE book that helped my son read (sorry, MFW). Seriously. This was how it begun. His dear friend (an auntie) gave him the book. First we read to him. WE fell in love with the most humorous book!!! Then we found some videos online!! Oh my. This really started him on the book. Then he watched so many times (and we read so many times...I can't count) that he started memorizing the stories. Then he started to relate to the words. And he started reading. As in REAL reading. Not like a couple words reading. He can read every single word in that book after a couple weeks.

Then we got him the Treasury (used one from Amazon). We read again, he read and again he could read everything. From there, he started reading other words from other places. And the phonetic stuff we have been teaching him started to make sense.

I remember the days (actually it's just a few months back) Ian would meticulously write down Toad's List of things to do (from The List). He LOVED that. Those words he can't spell he copied. After hundreds of lists that he copied he can write from memory. Then he started writing his OWN lists, using Toad's list. He learnt spelling from here. No special spelling program.

So. This has to be a tribute to Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad. I had to use their pictures instead of the real frogs.

As for other books, I like "From tadpole to Frog" (Simple enough) but I really don't fancy the Froggy series...maybe the fact that his parents are always yelling at him "FROOGGGGYYY!!" (that's not exemplary huh?) or that Froggy always answer "WHAAATT?" whereas our children learn to say "Yes mama?"

Here are what we did:
*Frog Bread (OH GOSH!!!!!!! Super cute!!!) I used the bread recipe here though (Our all-time FAVORITE...it's SOOOOO good)
*Frog Egg Pop (we used out own lemonade) DELICIOUS
*We played the "eat the flies" game using the party serpentine...VERY fun to play with, but won't work. cos the kids can't really get the flies to "stick" (I put tape at the end)
*We jumped around
*We had an indepth (as much as a five-year-old can take) talk about being careful with our tongues.
*We did a coloring of Frog and Toad (oh how he loves it!)

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  1. Hi! What cute hands-on activities.....I LOVE it!!! I plan on doing MFW K in a couple years too, so this will be great.

    I totally understand, we are a "Yes Mommy" household too! The frog bread is so adorable :)

    Thanks so much for linking up, I enjoyed your post.