Wednesday, April 6, 2011

J-Jewel Unit

For J-Jewel, we had SOOO much fun with our acrylic jewels. We did a lot of stuff with them
*Jewel patterning
*Jewel Hunt (Which was a hilarious story, read from pics)
*Jeweled cross
*Jeweled crown
*the toddler played with them, putting them in containers and dumping out

Other things we did
*Ian (and me. cos I only know the simplified version)learn to write the Chinese character "Bao" (precious). Not an easy word. We write it everyday.
*Made necklaces adn bracelets. The kids LOVE them!!
*We really like Diamonds and Toads.
*baked these really yummy Thumbprint cookies

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  1. Now I can't wait to get to the Jewel unit. I'm inspired by all the fun you have had with it. Thanks for sharing!