Friday, August 12, 2011

Exploration Day - Manhattan

Our curriculum set aside a day a week as Exploration Day. I love the idea of it. Mostly it's to go outside, enjoy God's creation and I've planned many warm days to the park/walks etc.

But today, we went to the city. Not quite a "nature place", but surely "outside" and amazing "God's creation" -people.

It's interesting how much you do "school" when doing a "field" trip like this. (Actually, hubby has summer Fridays half days, so our motive was mostly to visit him at his office and come home with him)

*Reading the subway map, understand our "route" - Geography, Neighborhood
*Saw a lot of American flags - US History
*Reading all the subway stations' names along the way - English
*Counting the different streets (40th, 41st, 42nd...) - Math
*Being superwhelmed by people and visual impacts - Visual arts
*Heard some subway entertainers - Music
*Had lunch/playground time - P.E., Health
*Watched how the subway moved from the first car - Science

I covered all bases, didn't I? =)

We don't go into the city much, because it's simply WAY TOO overstimulating...I don't think a person's senses can receive that much information at once. But it's a fun "field trip" I'll have to say. I'm thankful we stay in the city for such a learning period.

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