Saturday, August 13, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 1-6

We did patterns this week. Ian was not that happy. He said "I though Math is about numbers and adding..." and it turned out we did patterns EVERYDAY.  ha. At least he enjoyed the patterns of snack. =)
We enjoyed all the books and I LOVE Stuart Murphy. Very good writer of Math books.

Complete Book of Math is quite fun.
We tried the pottery jars...a HUGE flop. I don't think I got the right consistency? Anyhows...=)
We did a parachute man (using shopping bag, pipe cleaners and nuts...not the edible ones) to illustrate how authorities are our covering/protection (This is for Character 1st: Obedience).

We also talked about things close to the ground and we observe some. That pic, btw, was Ian trying to sabotage the ants in his very boyish way.

We drew the Singapore flag for Singapore's National Day and talked a little bit about the history of Singapore . Afterall, my boy IS half Singaporean and he's quite proud of it. =)

The preschooler had way too much fun in school. =) Workbooks, stickers, tracing, dot a dot markers (this is a REAL hit! I love them!)...

I also really like those write-and-wipe books...great fun for them...

I like this particular Trace & Learn Book (nice textured numbers for the preschooler to have some tactile learning). It was a hand-me-down book.

We copied and memorized Pr 9:10 (Respect and Obey the Lord. This is the beginning of wisdom) and also learnt about Obedience.
We did the manuscript handwriting

But we skipped the Art...I'm having 2nd thoughts about Drawing with Children...a bit too tedious for me.

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