Thursday, August 11, 2011

Organization for School 2011

This is how we organize school this year. (I suppose it'll change as last year did, so I'll edit the post again at the end of the year)

1st, I do the lesson plans. More elaborate for 1st grade (I'm trying to find a way to upload it here on my blog). Easy for PreK (I merely try to put down 3 activities/workbooks for her everyday). Preschooler also joins us for the activities of 1st grade if it's appropriate.

2nd, I put stickies on the pages of the workbooks/books etc that Ian was to do that day. Put them in the different subjects tabs in the workbox. Then put the workbox tag up. Every time we finish an activity, he takes the tag down and go to the next one.

I'm trying to retry the workbox, since it didn't work last year. I'm hoping to train him in this method so that when the other kids need more work, he can be more independent.

Our morning board. He can do this independently now.
*Days of school
*Weather Chart
*100 chart
*Jewish calendar
*season chart
*Make the date

I get printables/ideas here

I write the verse on another page, and Ian copies it on his. (I think it's better that I write and not print, because it helps me to see what's difficult to write)

We're thinking and working on how to incorporate Chinese in the lessons

This is Me
Something I'm adding in. Essentially for him to learn about names, addresses, etc important things of people in the family.

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