Thursday, August 18, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 7 - 11

A child who gathers crops in summer is wise.
But a child who sleeps at harvest time brings shame.

Character Building
Diligence: Investing all my energy to complete the tasks given to me
We learnt about the beavers and how they are not lazy, finish their work, concentrate and do the job right
We also learnt about Thomas Edison (who was homeschooled by the way!) and his diligent journey to inventing the lightbulb (well, not that CFL we held, but that's all we have now in the house). Ian really enjoyed the stories

Seasons. I really like Molly's Seasons, I think it's written well.
We also went out a bit this week to be around nature.

We did some sorting and categorizing. For the preschooler we some of those "which does not belong" stuff.
Button Box is a great book!

I found some great stuff on Homeschool Creations

We are intending to use the family pass to MoMA this weekend.

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