Monday, September 1, 2014

MFW CtG/K Week 3: M-m Moon/Dispersion, Sumerians, Life on Nile

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

Memory of Old Testament books

1 Sam
2 Sam
1 KI
2 KI
1 Chr
2 Chr


  • OT books Memory work
  • We kind of stopped Dinosaurs of Eden
  • Read the accounts of how the groups dispersed and the Tower of Babel.
  • Made notebook pages of Noah and Tower of Babel
  • Learnt about how people groups dispersed and got different languages and also the earliest civilizations, Sumer and Egypt
  • Made Cuneiform letters

Making Cuneiform letters on salt dough

We celebrated Shabbat.

2nd grader (Yup! The Babble Tower...haha)

4th grader

4th grader

2nd grader

    Unification of Egypt on the timeline!

    We learnt about the first civilization

    And we read books on Egypt and the Mesopotamia


    • Light: Law of Energy Conservation
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.

    And this experiment showed how mechanical energy (the bumping of the electric charges) can be converted into radiant energy. It was SOOO fun! I was never a fan of Science experiments. I think in school, I always foundthe experiment redundant, for I knew the answer BEFORE the experiment and the project did not increase my knowledge. But now homeschooling my children, I get to do really fun experiments! I am relearning Science!!

    The kids enjoyed making the pyramids as we studied about it.


    • Big Bro is getting adjusted and a hang of Rod and Staff! Yay!
    • Big Sis is doing so well on English.
    • Spelling by Sight and Structure for Big Sis
    • Spelling Power for Big Bro (he finished Level G!)
    • We also learnt the Greek word "photos" and did our English from the Roots Up notebook page. We also revised the past words
    • We continued with the read-aloud Tanglewoods' Secret. (I like this book a lot!)
    • And we also continued to read "All-of-a-kind Family" 

    Foreign Language

    • Continued on 康軒首冊(revising the BoPoMoFo). The older two took turns doing the lesson online.


    • Learnt about Vivaldi's Four Seasons
    • Big Sis started to learn to play this very simple "Spring" for beginners. She was so happy to take up the challenge.  (She only studied keyboard for a little over a year)
    • Continued our practice on ellipses and Wally is back!

      Have you wondered?
      • Did human civilizations start off primitive? No! They must have been very intelligent, looking at the complicated Sumer language and materials. 

      Kindergarten: M-m Moon
      We started M-m Moon with the K'ner. And we will continue with it next week.

      Homeschooling Ideas

      Our children have been helping us with meal chores. However, this week I had the realization of how important it is for children to start chores young! My six year old was cutting up broccoli and tofu for me (using real knives, yes) while I was doing the very effort-consuming job of cutting carrots and peppers into very thin match-like sticks for the stir-fry. It took her quite a while to cut, but if without her, I would have to cut the broccoli and tofu AFTER the carrots. I was very grateful I have helpers like that. My four year old has been a very seasoned kitchen helper and she always helped out too.

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      Booklist for Kindergarten

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