Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MFW CtG/K Week 4: M-m Moon/Unification of Egypt, Nile River

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

Memory of Old Testament books

Song of Solomon


  • OT books Memory work
  • Learnt about the unification of Egypt and life on Nile River

Dramatization of the Unification
King of Lower Egypt (red crown) against King Menes of Upper Egypt (white crown)

King Menes won (and we have there a bystander)

Combination of the crowns (and the bystander quite delighted)

Love these pages!

Did a notebooking page on the unification

We read more about pyramids in this book


  • Light: Law of Energy Conservation in Creation

Did the experiment that shows the lesser the chemical energy (of battery, replace one battery with aluminum), the lesser electrical energy is converted.

We skipped the Infrared experiment because we do not have something available for the remote.


  • Big Bro had his first test from Rod and Staff and scored 48/50! (for someone who is not as good in Math, I think these English tests are totally ego-boosters)
  • Big Sis LOVES Spelling by Sight and Structure
  • Spelling Power for Big Bro (we started level H)
  • We also learnt the Greek word "graph" and did our English from the Roots Up notebook page. We also revised the past words
  • We continued with the read-aloud Tanglewoods' Secret. 
  • And we also continued to read "All-of-a-kind Family" (This week daddy is away for business trips and mommy takes over bedtime routine. I read this book to them and they really enjoyed it)

Foreign Language

  • Continued on 康軒首冊(revising the BoPoMoFo). The older two took turns doing the lesson online. We are nearing the end!


  • We practiced our ellipses and also some geometric shapes

    Have you wondered?
    • Why is Upper Egypt in the south and Lower Egypt in the north? It's all about the elevation (Upper Egypt is higher and nearer to the start of Nile) 

    Kindergarten: M-m Moon
    M-m cards

    We continued with the Daily Calendar book

    I don't know why I didn't start this. So we did now. It is quite important to slowly let her get the concept

    Sep 8th will be Mooncake Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival) for the Chinese, so we have Chinese mooncakes! =)

    More practice on writing 

    textured learning

    Cut and paste!

    And the M book!
    Books we read. We SOOOO love the Moonbear books. =)

    Homeschooling Ideas

    This week I learnt a thing or two on readalouds. I used to be quite afraid of it because I did not know if my children can sit through such a long reading, or if they get it at all! But slowly, they got used to it, now even the Kindergartener can listen to long readings and get "some parts". They may not get all, but they eventually do. And even the 4th grader who is a very high level reader, LOVES to be read to.

    Also I think, the book matters. Some books are just boring. Some makes ME want to know what is next. Tangledwoods and All-of-a-kind family are great readalouds.

    Pinterest Page for CtG
    Pinterest Page for Kindergarten
    Booklist for CtG
    Booklist for Kindergarten

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