Friday, September 1, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 2: Learning about the states,

Week 2 is still easy, for we have not started Spelling or art.


We started memorizing Philippians 1:1-8


We started learning about the states by region. The older two have no problems. I need to remember more games with Lil Sis next week.


We learnt about the elements and water surface tension

This are the Slo-mo videos of the experiments

Big Bro studied General Science on his own. He did these experiments this week.

Big Sis did a science page on what she learnt.

Language and Math

Besides Rod & Staff, and Math, Big Bro started on writing. We are using Institute in Excellence for Writing this year. Big Bro had a LOT of fun listening to Andrew Pudewa. In fact, the other girls joined in because he was so amusing. =)

We also started Mandarin Chinese this week. Lil Sis is finally writing words!

Read A-louds
We started Farmer Boy this week.
Image result for Farmer boy Ingalls

I attended a conference this week and we visited Connecticut's capital/capitol, Hartford, along the way.

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