Sunday, September 17, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 3: Queen Victoria, Sepoy Rebellion, Crimean War

We came back from a vacation in Maine and we were ready to plug into Week 3!


We memorized Php 1:1-11.I LOVE the book of Philippians. It is uplifting.


We learnt about the Queen Victoria's England (Great Exhibition), Sepoy rebellion, and the Crimean War.

This year we used the Story of the World Student Sheets, and I felt it was good for the older two to practice writing outlines. It helps with retention. I did have to help them a little at first though.

We also watched this video on the Great Exhibition.

Lil Sis is not doing SOTW. She is doing the worksheets from U.S. Facts and Fun instead. It suits her well!

This was how we revised the states this week. I made laminated cards of the states names. The older ones have to put them in spatial order. Lil Sis pointed to the state when I drew a card.

We did the President Study on Millard Fillmore.

We had a lovely Victorian Tea, and read the chapter in U.S. History Cookbook.


We learnt about DNA and States of Matter.

Language and Math

We did the pretest for Spelling Power this week for Big Sis and Lil Sis. I graduated Big Bro from Spelling.

Lil Sis continued her cursive writing practice. I am using worksheets from here. I have used them for the older two and found these worksheets helpful.

Read A-louds
We continued to read Farmer Boy.
Image result for Farmer boy Ingalls

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