Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chore Pad App Review and Giveaway

I am a list person. I like to make lists and cross them out. It makes me feel really useful (oh no, I'm sounding like Thomas). Anyhows, we have been very intentional about making chores a part of home life. While people use chore cards, chore posters, I thought I was so clever in laminating the chores and cross them out using the white board marker.
The kids thought it was fun, but it wore off...and I have to re-laminate everytime we change chores...
UNTIL I got my LOVELY iPad and...
I heard about Chore Pad from Apps for Homeschooling(which btw has lots of good reviews/info on apps). Tried out the free lite version (which allows one user and limited chores) and liked it too. So now I have the full version, thanks to fun educational apps. Here's my take on it.

LOVE: the beautiful background and ease of use. Quite straightforward. The kids just adore the fact they can add their pics. =)
LOVE: the flexibility of adding chores, assigning stars and rewards (yeh! no more re-laminating!)
LOVE: the icons. Very helpful for my 4 year old who can't read yet.

The kids find it really fun and motivating, they'll want to "tick" off their chores. (I start with morning chores now and possibly will add on afternoon/evening chores) And I haven't even thought of the rewards yet.
LOVE: The syncing. The nice people at Nannek sent me the iPhone version of Chore Pad and now hubby gets a version of it on his phone and I get one on iPad. It syncs through the same dropbox account (so you kinda have to have dropbox, which is free anyway). Syncs great...but I haven't figured out how to cancel the "user" whom hubby put in BEFORE we sync'ed.

What I wished it had: 
*Suggestions of Rewards! (lazy me, right? ;P)
*A chore chart view for the whole family
*separate project based chore charts, in case we have a project to do as a family and we can put them on this to show our progress yet not mess up with the daily ones.

Other than that...I know why people rave about it!

The same nice people is giving me 4 codes (2 for iPad and 2 for iPhone) to give away, isn't that cool or what??!?

So, let me know if you'll love to have one to use! Just leave me a comment with your email address and specify which one you'll like to have.

Giveaway ends at 10pm EST 11/21/2011 and winners will be notified via email.

OR, if you'll rather have it now, buy them! iPad version ($4.99) or iPhone/iPod version ($2.99)


  1. Hi, my name is Sarah, email addy
    I would love to have the chore pad for the ipad..
    My 8 year old and 6 yr old autistic son have chores to do an I am constantly nagging them to do it..
    This sounds like a motivating thing to have especially now that I have a new born and pretty busy my self :-)