Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TeachMe 1st Grade Ipad App Review

Since I got my iPad, I didn't buy that many apps, since I can get MANY apps for free. But I did get this one, because someone recommended it. I got the TeachMe 1st Grade version and here are some pics of what we have been doing with it.

The First-Grader seems to enjoy it enough. He wants to earn his "coins".

Basically you go to "school" where you learn about Math (addition and subtraction), Spelling and Dolch Sight words and you get coins for the work you do.

Then you get to spend them. You can buy shapes, things for an aquarium or stickers. Ian is investing his loot in the aquarium. He has 3 goldfishes now. Kind of hard to make him stick with his coins so that he can get other fishes (goldfish cost 5 coins and others 10).

Well, before he got clever, he did spend 1 coin on a sticker. =)

Here are my thoughts on this app:

1. Love the motivation
Earning at school and buying fish and you get to feed them, etc? I think it's a wonderful idea and a nice motivation for the app. Gives it a wonderful variety.

2. Love the TeachTech
For the answers, the student "writes" and then the letters or numbers shows. I like this feature A LOT better than the tap on the letters or numbers way most other apps do it. Ian is kind of "forced" to have a better penmanship too since the iPad needs to recognize his handwriting. =)

I esp love the flexibility of TeachTech. For eg, sometimes Ian write "O" in the wrong direction, and it recognizes it. Or he'll write "8" with two circles and it recognizes it.

3. Love the flexibility
3 skills (4, if you break up Math) in one app, and you can choose how many sums for a coin...I do like it.

4. Wish the levels go up a little faster
It's at a REALLY baby level for Ian now...and he has done quite a lot...from his progress sheet, he's still at the very low level, so I'm expecting things to get more challenging, but it does take a LONG time. =) Yet, maybe if it gets there too soon, he'll ditch the app too soon too?

5. Wish for more variety of questions
The questions get really routine after the first 3. They repeat. I wish there are more variety.

I'll give a 5 star for this app, for the multi-function and creative factor.

You can buy it here for only $0.99 now! (that's another love I suppose)
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