Thursday, November 10, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 57-61

Here are what we did this week:


We started reading from Picture That! Bible I really really like this bible

We wrote some letters

We did some Math

1st Grade MATH: Measurements

We read the Measurement books. I like Stuart Murphy (of course) and Inch by Inch

We did a lot of measuring and comparing

I used this worksheet (that was meant for preschool yet good for this exercise)

Measured with gummy and ate them

measured with paper clips

Measured with crayons

measured with feet. (this btw, is a construction of a boat, according to the architect). Homeschooling peeps need LOTS of cardboard and tape, I realize.

We did some English

We read on Volcanoes for Science

Showed him about magma pushing out of the volcano (using a tube of toothpaste from the airplane)

Did a book (I love this! a pity it cost $10.95 now, I got it for free)
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