Saturday, November 19, 2011

Exploration Day: Queens County Farm Museum

Ian turned 6 last week!

We went out with the 5BoroHSing group in NYC to the Queens County Farm

Learnt about the bees, and I'm the one who's thoroughly intrigued by it
-By exclusively feeding a baby bee royal jelly and nothing else makes it a queen bee. Wow.
-The organization of the bee colony is AMAZING!!
-Bees suck up pollen and store in their pockets by their legs, go back to hive, regurgitate out to the house bees and the house bees spit back into the cells, flap their wings so it evaporates and there is honey. MAN! How much work was involved in my teaspoon of honey everyday!!!!
-Without bees, we'll be without 1/3 of the fruit supply!!!!! 

Made a candle out of beewax

Walked around the farm a little

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