Friday, November 18, 2011

Teach Me Toddler and Kindergarten iPad App Review

Finally get to do a review on the Toddler and Kindergarten versions of Teach Me (because today Colleen graduated to K version)!

I did a review on the 1st Grade app, loved it and Teach Me people sent me promo codes for the younger versions. Really appreciate that.

Here are my thoughts on the younger versions (with some updates to 1st) and my look at the different apps.

First, how different are they?
The toddler version has only stickers as rewards, which made sense for they would have no idea how to "purchase" things, it'll be hard. The kindergarten version has stickers and coins, which can purchase stuff for aquarium (which is what they love the most anyways) but not shapes. Also the kindergarten version has multiple choice answers, while 1st grade has the TeachTech (I LOVED this the most!) writing.

Toddler - alphabets (upper and lower), counting, shapes, colors, phonetic sounds
K - simple addition/subtraction, phonetic sounds (to complete a word), sight words
1st- addition/subtraction, spelling, sight words

My take:

TODDLER: I think this should have been named "Pre-K" for my real toddler (the one behind her sis, playing with the helmet) would not have been able to master this app...she's better off with helmets.;) Anyhows, it's just a name.

I still love the fact it's so easy to use my PreK'ler maneuver on her own.

What I didn't like was when she gets a sticker, it went to the scene that was from before, she can't choose the scene BEFORE the stickers. So she would choose the sticker, found that actually she wanted another scene, then went to that scene, found that she has no stickers, now she has to go earn more (more iPad time!!!! haha...maybe that's the rouse)
Overall, it's too simple for my PreK'ler...yet the phonetic part is hard for went to...

It all started because she REALLY wanted the fish like her bro, so we checked out K and found, YES! They have the fish! I'm not that sure if she's ready for it, but she was! that's because...

The math part has good manipulative (take away into the cup) or add, count with the pointer etc. I cannot believe she grasped the concept with this help! Wonderful!

Sight words will be the hardest, but guess what? they started with "a" or "I". haha. simple for her!

This part she needs help with me sounding it out, but she did it well when I do.

Other things I like about it (also the 1st grade)
I realize I can easily taper their level, go to the starting screen with players and with those questions that are too easy, I'll make them as "learned", or the ones that are way above my child, I can temporarily hide them. I REALLY REALLY like this function. It gives me a lot of control.

These apps are still the first apps my children go to for school, iPad time. I love them!

They are only $0.99 each on app store, very well worth the money!
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