Friday, July 6, 2012

2nd grade Curriculum 2012/13

Ian: 2nd Grade

Adventures in My Father's World
We continue with the MFW materials and this year I'm actually quite excited! The materials are VERY interesting! (we're using the 1st edition though since we got them used, don't think they can change history, can they? ;P)

And also I feel like the more I use MFW, the more I feel they have put in A LOT of thought in their work and I can confidently follow their plan easily. This year I'm adding little supplements, unless needed or fun.

For Adventures, we're learning about the names of Jesus and I'm so hyped about it. 

English Language

We'll be using Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons. Looks very "old" to me, but I think there are some things about easy, down-to-earth learning.

We are also using Spelling by Sound and Structure. I like the fact that it's inexpensive unlike some other spelling programs.

Chinese Language (Foreign language)
I'm toying with the thought of translating the 1st grade Bible Reader into Mandarin Chinese and use that as a curriculum for him.
Still in progress.


 We'll be using Singapore Math 1B (and maybe 2A) US Edition. Why US Edition when I'm a Singaporean and can easily get the latest books Singaporeans are using?

I like the first Math books Singapore made. I think they are the best and they are ones I grew up with. I tried the new ones and didn't like them one bit. In fact, I have a personal view that the Math Singapore is teaching their young children now is harming their development (yikes! That's strong, I know).

We'll be learning about American History (which I have very very little knowledge of, considering where I am from) and I'm very happy to learn alongside my son. We have some of the read-alouds that we got from PaperbackSwap and the rest we'll borrow from library. Also there are books recommended by MFW that we got.

I'm also looking forward to the States Study which will be a lot of fun! Found a State Study notebook here that could be a wonderful supplement!

We follow MFW science program with their supplements. Usborne remains our favorite books.


We follow MFW's recommendation again for this year.

We're using materials MFW recommends. (With learning about Tchaikovsky and his ballets)

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