Friday, July 27, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 2: Christopher Columbus

Day out. It's always fun to be out and exploring the city.


Christopher Columbus
The MANY books we borrowed.
The Picture book is Ian's favorite. I still have yet to finish reading the "Step into Reading" one with him. But we started on "Boxcar Children #1" and we both love it.
I feel the reading is a bit much(hopefully will get better in time) In addition to the read-alouds from The Story of US and Pioneers and Patriots it really is quite a lot to read!
Ian's retelling of the story
Time line
Making the boats. The aluminum foil is a GREAT idea.

BIBLE: We did the Jesus (The Lord Saves) coloring. Ian chose "brown" cos it's the Jesus' color. The cross, he said. =)
And we read many verses from the Discovery Bible on the OT talking about Jesus.

SCIENCE: Air (takes up space)
And we watched two videos that are fun about Christopher Columbus.
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MATH: This week we did more comparing numbers and started on graphs

We did more "I can do all things" for art and Ian really likes it!


  1. I really enjoyed reading pretty much all your posts about Adventures in US History. I'll be starting Adventures by mid August with my 3rd grade, 1st grade dds and my 3 year old boy. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas, links, etc. Blessings,

  2. Thank you for sharing, esp the video!