Friday, July 27, 2012

MFW K Creation Unit 2012

2nd time doing K and I'm hyped up.
Creation page: Day 2
Creation page: Day 3
Creation page: Day 4
Creation page: Day 5
Creation page: Day 6
The finished book
The humorous one. Found she cut out "Mickey Mouse" from "3"
The completed creation numbers
For Day 6: Dot to Dot
Fishing for lower case alphabets and naming them
Pre School-time fun: Alphabet toy
We're using The Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics, too easy for her but a good start
Creation Revision Game. She's playing the folder game her brother did 2 years back.
This is my proudest. This year I managed to do ALL the creation snacks everyday. It was really fun!! =) (btw, Day 5 was fish crackers and bird's nest, which happened to be an expensive tonic for pregnant mommy)

Other than these, the K'ner joins in whenever we have things appropriate with her brother, who is doing Adventures.

PRE-Preschooler...they start earlier and earlier. This little gal is only 2.5 years old. Well, she's quite serious about school time! =)
She did stickering
Even tracing with us
iPad...and many others...From next week, she might join her sis in some of the crafts.
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