Friday, July 6, 2012

Annual Assessment 2011/12

We sent in all the quarterlies and I wish there is a way for me to show it here. For annual assessment, this is what I wrote in.

DATE SUBMITTED: June 30, 2012

Ian has satisfactorily completed at least 80% of the required material for this year. He has made adequate academic progress in all subjects and has surpassed 900 hours of instruction. Highlights of the year include:

o Several academic field trips, including the New York Botanical Garden, Queens County Farm Museum, Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, California Academy of Sciences and the Home Depot Kids’ Workshops.
o Significant proficiency in reading comprehension and writing ability for grade level
o Ability to tackle grade-level and advanced mathematics
o Interest in beginning scientific experiments

Ian will begin 2nd grade in July 2012. 

Hopefully it'll be sufficient...

Also sent in LOI for the new year and pondering if I should send in the IHIP early this year so I can send in the metrocard application early too.

Anyhows, for the IHIP, I found that the World Book Typical Course of study is a GREAT resource to use!

I have been quite pleased with all the paperwork needed to be done in NYC. It's not THAT cumbersome as some would say, and the people in the office has not given me trouble.

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