Friday, July 20, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 1: Vikings

1st day of school! Pardon the hair-do. =) Ian requested for the sign...He's just such a boy.
Daddy planned and made breakfast for us. He doesn't cook as much now so this is quite a feat for him! He had to wake up early for this and we're so grateful he's our daddy!!

Ian has his own bible this year. He is in charge of reading the bible verses for meimei, who's doing the creation unit for Kindergarten.
We're learning about the names of Jesus this year and this is Ian's name poster.

I really like our art curriculum this year. Ian too, especially the fact he get to do art EVERYDAY.
This is another eg.

We were supposed to do a patriotic snack for day 1. Since we already did the berries layered with ice-cream thing for July 4th, I did this. But I ran out of Jell-O, so I used gelatin. YUCK. I didn't use enough sugar. The kids didn't like it, so didn't I.
This is quite a good and easy book to read for the pledge of allegiance
Ian is a big fan of geography and is VERY happy that our map gets to be put on the table all the time.
Books we sort of read for Vikings. Quite a bit of reading.
Yes, we attempted a viking boat. Not anywhere close like this one, but still...we tried.
And of course, the little people needed to take a test drive.
I feel that the reading of Leif Ericsson's story should have been in the beginning of the week so we can do more viking stuff, but it's the last day.
Ian's retelling of the story
Ian didn't want to do the doll craft, so the girls did.

I translated MFW's 1st grade Bible Reader into Chinese and used that as a curriculum for the kids to learn Chinese.

The Usborne book is very fun
The highlight of the week: The Float in Salt Water Experiment. The kids JUST LOVED IT! And it made it more fun the fact that both sets of grannies have been to the dead sea before.

Overall, we had a good first week of school, even though there were some disruptions in the house. And I realized that to have TWO kids doing real school means a lot more waiting, planning and time. Esp when they are quite different in how they do school.
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  1. Enjoy reading about your weeks! And love all the pctures... I started out doing daily pics and now it has been months! :(

  2. Love your blog, thank you for sharing

  3. Thank you! You're most welcome.